Tips & Tutorials


This is a list of tips I have started from 5 years experience using and selling this product. I encourage others to send in tips of their own to Tips sent will be reviewed and added to the list.

The Basics

1. ) My liquid strength recommendations:

  • Half pack or less - 11MG
  • A pack a day - 18MG
  • 1-3 packs a day - 18-24MG
  • I only recommend 36MG for the most severe smoker or for mixing purposes

2.) When you first receive your kit it is important to properly prep your atomizer or tank. FOr atomizers we recommend adding a drop or 2 directly on the atomizer itself and then putting a full cartridge on it. Let sit for 10-20 minutes before first hit. With clearomizers and tanks we recommend filling the tank area with liquid and letting it sit for 10-20 minutes before hitting. With cartomizers like the BOGE 510 cartomizer we recommend a longer soak time. This gives the wick inside time to fully absorb the liquid and avoids dry hits. It speeds up the break in time that most atomizers and tanks experience.

3.) Always fully charge your batteries when you first receive your starter kit. After the first charge it is not necessary to fully charge batteries in the future.

4.) All atomizers break in at a different rate. Some will hit great right out of the kit and others will take a bit to reach its full potential. Step 2 helps with making this a quicker process.

5.)It is a good habit to clean your battery contact area before screwing into the charger. I keep a couple qtips by my charger and just dry wipe before screwing into the charger. It is not unusual for small amounts of liquid or condensation to collect here and it can cause your charger to fail over time if not kept clean.

6.) Give your atomizer/or coil a break, if you are hitting it a lot in a row and the atomizer begins feeling very hot to the touch, let it cool down. Burning an atomizer or coil dry is one of the leading causes of them dying.

7.) DO not over-tighten parts. It is human habit to give that extra twist when screwing items together. This can lead to broken seals and other issues.

8.) We are often asked when to change atomizers or coils. This varies greatly depending or model and user. Heavy users will need to change more often then a light user. Most atomizers and coils don't completely die but get weak over time. It will be up to you to decide you want a fresh atomizer. Some people can go a few weeks with a weaker atomizer and others need the freshest hit. We recommend giving a weak atomizer or coil at least a day before deciding to change. Some times liquid can flood the atomizer and within an hour or so it can start hitting good again. If you rush to change it you can waste a good atomizer.

9.) We mentioned in #8 that atomizers can get flooded. This can effect the hit quality and normally the atomizer will get hot without much vapor. You can wait it out and normally burn through it or you can clean and blow it out. Take the atomizer off the cartridge(or remove coil from tank) and blow excess liquid out of it. I like to put it back on the battery after blowing out and hitting once or twice before refilling with liquid. Be careful not to burn too much and dry hit it.


Beyond The Basics


1.)  If you find yourself in immediate need of filler material for the cartridges, or you just want to experiment, Lipton pyramid teabags work very well. It's important it's this type of teabag(regular teabags can be used but work poorly). If interested do a search for "Lipton pyramid teabags", and you will find numerous methods.

2.) I like to camp and backpack which can be a challenge for an ecig user. I bought a USB power pack that can charge USB items. There is cheap ones on Ebay that actually work very well.  Make sure it is 5V output. With a USB Passthrough I have gone 4 days without power using my ecig.