Kanger EVOD Bottom Coil Tank


Kanger EVOD Bottom Coil Tank

The EVOD is a well built tank by Kanger. The bottom coil means the coil sits on the battery side instead of the mouthpiece side. It also means it is filled on the opposite end of most tanks and clearomizers. This gives the advantage of replacing the coil without needing the tank to be empty.

1.8ohm coil

2ml liquid capacity

Filling instructions:

Unscrew the silver metal bnad on the battery side of the tank. This will allow you to pull out the coil and access the tank area.
Inside the tank there is a metal tube which is the airhole. You do not want to get liquid in this tube.
TO avoid the middle tube it is best to hold the tank at an angle and hold your dropper against the side. Let liquid run down the side until the liquid level is near the top of the middle tube. YOu can watch your liquid level through the windows on the side of the tank.DO not fill above the tube inside the tank.

When the coil is new we recommend filling the tank and then letting it sit for 15-20 minutes before first using. This gives time for the liquid to absorb in the coil and avoids dry hits. We recommend this any time the coil is new.

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