MEGA EGO-C 1000mah and Vision V3 Clearomizer Kit


The MEGA EGO-C and Clearomizer Kit comes with JOYE MEGA EGO batteries and Charger along with Vision Clearomizers. This is a great setup and is one we highly recommend. This setup leads to very little hassle throughout a day of vaping. The battery can last most users the entire day and the clearomizers normally only require one refill a day.
There is only a small difference between 1.8 and 2.4 ohm. 1.8ohm will give a slightly hotter hit, but because of getting hotter can have a slightly shorter life span.
Pictures coming soon.

Comes in Black and Silver, and 1.8ohm and 2.4 ohm

2 x JOYE EGO MEGA Batteries 1000mah
2 x Vision V3 clearomizers
5 x Vision clearomizer replacement coils
1 x EGO USB Charger
1 x EGO wall adapter

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