JOYE EGO-T Upgrade 650mah Battery

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JOYE EGO-T Upgrade 650mah Battery

Same as the EGO-C Battery in every way except it does not have the blue light when battery is at 10%.

The EGO-T 650mah upgrade battery can function like the normal 650mah battery(3.3V) or as a higher voltage battery(3.7V).

650mah capacity

Works with all EGO setups

5 Click on and off switch

When the button light is white the battery is in regular mode. When the button light is yellow the battery is in high voltage mode.

To switch between modes follow the steps below:

First turn the battery off by clicking the button 5 times in a row quickly. If properly turned off the button light should not light up when pressed.

Once you have the battery off hold down the button for 5 seconds or until it blinks.

Once the battery blinks turn the battery back on by pressing the button 5 times in a row again.

Now that the battery is back on the button light should be the new color to indicate you are in the new mode.

***Always charge batteries on hard surfaces. Do not charge batteries on flammable surfaces like carpet, beds etc.
Always keep the battery contacts or ports clean along with charger. Liquid or dirt on contacts can cause failure in the battery and/or charger.

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