Vision Spinner II 1600mah EGO Battery


Vision Spinner II 1600mah EGO Battery

This is the second edition of the Vision Spinner battery and comes in 1600mah capacity

The new spinner has improved Build Quality and an improved voltage knob

The new 1600mah spinner II is only a half inch longer then the 1300mah spinner battery and is the same width

1600mah capacity

On/OFF 5 click switch

Metal button for improved durability

Battery charge indicator
White 100% - 60%
Blue 60% - 30%
Orange 30% - 0%

***Always charge batteries on hard surfaces. Do not charge batteries on flammable surfaces like carpet, beds etc.
Always keep the battery contacts or ports clean along with charger. Liquid or dirt on contacts can cause failure in the battery and/or charger.

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